Reena’s Exploration Challenge #105 — If Only

If only ….. by JadecLi

Tao Talk


Only if I knew it then (Wistfulness)

I remember sitting in a night club in my thirties with a friend and her sister and the subject of “only if I knew it then” came up on men and relationships with them. As with many, there had been some less-than-wise choices along the way for each of us. An epiphany struck then, and I said, “If we knew then what we know now, none of us would have gotten married or had children.” As we all love our children, we had a good laugh and then gave it a respectful acknowledgement.

Life is a package deal. The good, the bad, and the ugly come with it, no matter how wistful we get for a chance to re-do some of those less-than-wise choices. Life is a learn-as-you-go deal, and the mistakes are where much of the learning comes from. Having dynamic…

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