Til The End Of Time

Till the end of time …. by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

Wistfulness is a feeling of sadness, because you are thinking about something that is impossible or in the past.  In May 1964, Paul McCartney wrote the song ‘Things We Said Today’ entirely by himself even though it is credited as a Lennon and McCartney song.  Paul was cruising the Caribbean on a holiday in the Virgin Islands aboard a yacht called Happy Days with his then-girlfriend Jane Asher.  The melancholy lyrics reflect that Paul understood that his and Asher’s lifestyles would increasingly drive them apart, although they did stay together until July 1968, and in December 1967 announced their engagement.

The Beatles just completed filming A Hard Day’s Night on April 24th and their manager Brian Epstein arranged for them to have a month off in May to do as they pleased and they all enjoyed some (relatively) peaceful times.  Paul and Jane an English actress went on the cruise…

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