If your world is full of debauchery, multiplespeak, manipulation and mindless evil, so be it -I refuse to be a part of it.

I understand that people like me come and go, and Satan has continued to rule the world, so be it – I refuse to give in to any Satanic rites and insights.

You take pride in your success and wealth, but I am proud of my authenticity, and my ability to stay out of your sphere of influence.

You are the antithesis of the Gods that you pretend to sell, a dark shadow of the expensive white shirts that you don and a negation of the honesty that you demand from others – I live and breathe every word that I have uttered in life.

It takes a village to protect you, a warehouse to store all the masks that you wear, and you spend a lifetime gathering resources to buy that protection.

I am just me, and will always be so – fearless and unprotected.

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