It was a dream. She looked at the building wistfully on her visits to the city, and wished she could live in a house so large.

She looks at the dilapidated wall splattered with graffiti, and sighs. It took a wrong turn, being conned by a trafficker and inhuman torture inflicted, to realize that it is a cage. Only one window belonged to a caged bird. She longed for the open courtyard in her village home.

The love and freedom in that home, the fresh air in the fields is a dream now. Her family would not take her back.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Human trafficking is a problem everywhere – including here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. It’s scary and an issue we as a society must not tolerate; we need to give refuge to those who cannot speak for themselves ❤ Thank you for never shying away from the difficult topics ❤

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