A psychiatrist ponders

Can I get them back to our world, which I dare say is ‘normal’?

Can I make them see things the way I do, and negate their own reality?

Can I influence them with hope or fear, and make them fall in line?

I can help them realign, but can I repair the damage done to their psyche?

Consciousness in a state of disrepair, inflicts all damage on society. Do I need to say more?

4 thoughts on “A psychiatrist ponders

  1. Your questions brought questions to my mind…What is normal? Is my way the only or best way? Fallen in what or whose line? I don’t think the answers are the same for everyone. I do know that what is normal for me and my way of being/doing is not necessarily what others think of as being in line. I have comes to terms with it and all is well. Thanks for sharing your lines and making me think…again.

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  2. There has to be societal rules and standards of behaviour for all. I’ve been reviewing homeless camps thriving in some cities due to lack of affordable housing. I was surprised to hear that some tent cities built on public land, usually by railway tracks, have developed their own rules for residents which includes no drugs allowed in the camp, respect you neighbour and keep your camp site clean. Residents disobeying these rules are given 24 hours notice to vacate.

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    1. Good to know that. I see many of these tent cities if I take the train. They utilize common space for a washerman’s clotheslines, parking space for the auto-rickshaw or cab drivers and so on. The festive decorations are jointly done for a cluster of homes.

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