Sunday’s Six Sentence Story

Three Things Challenge: #2


By Neel Anil Panicker 

“Listen Inder, this is the jet age and life is all about moving forward, and in order to do that everyone takes the fastest mode___be it cars or trains, even planes, ___but sadly, you seem to be unmindful of this reality and is not even riding a bicycle”.

“Listen,” countered Inder facing his colleague,whom incidentally, he had known from college, “If are alluding to the fact that I am not a sycophant, the obsequious kind who’s ever ready to suck up to his superiors, ever ready to butter his bosses, then Vikram, you’re right___I prefer…”

“Then you prefer taking the slow road, right,” butted in Vikram before adding, “Yeah I know Inder, you prefer  the lonesome walk, you prefer to stick to your principles, you refuse to couch your words in finery, you…

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