Drive the drivers

There is a kind of sacredness about a honest day’s work and the consequent fatigue. Imposed work generates resentment. This state is the result of self-driven activity.

earning it

justifying existence

I fly high

The aches and pains are real, and yet so wanted. I could live again for it, but this is only about the body. A mental churning makes me restless, dissatisfied and resentful of just desserts not coming my way. It is the superimposition of mind and preconceived expectations.

blood pressure

shooting north – body

responds now

Does it mean there would be no disease if there was no mind? There would be no cure too, if there was no mind. Who is the therapist addressing – body or mind?

wholeness eludes

till I learn to integrate

states of existence

Imprints on subconscious are involuntary and imperceptible. Life is all about replacing it with positive stuff. The drivers need to change. Our goals need to drive the drivers.


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