A kid prances around in the innocent belief that the world is beautiful. Leaves and flowers gently caress her, as she wraps her body around the tree trunk.

She looks at her frail and withering body now, and looks around. These memories were left here with the trees. The trunk stands steady and sturdy in time, with added lines and some graffiti etched on its pure beauty. She wonders how many times it has changed attire – the color of foliage, color of the birds it shelters, bareness, being covered with white snow – but the inherent beauty remains the same. Where exactly does its soul lie – in the strength springing from roots, lessons learnt from seasons, blows taken from cruelty or carelessness? What has enriched it, what has hurt and what has become an indelible memory?

Life is a journey of tough learning, for both….

(144 words)


6 thoughts on “Ageing

    1. Whenever you can spare time, listen to this 18-minute video – Trees talk to each other.

      I pluck curry leaves for seasoning, from the plant in my balcony – but pick up the oldest leaves and mumble an apology. If I see a stray dog, and am carrying nothing to feed them, I just say a silent ‘Love you’ – and I’ve seen them wagging tails.

      Energy exchange happens all the time.

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