It takes time to plan

“You’ve had enough time to prove yourself, but you have only disappointed so far.”

“You underestimate the time it takes to reach the top.”

“Can you put a number to it?”

“Tell me if you can. Manoeuvring one’s way up, when there are no steps or ladders in place is a task. Flying is an option, but I’m not a bird. Making a place for myself and learning how to survive is nothing short of space technology.”

“I must admit you have a way with words. Go on…..”

“I need to carve that slot where people would like to see me. I need to generate curiosity with a publicity blitz. Then, I need a space to sit comfortably and wave out to the masses below.”

“Interesting! Let me tell you that you stand a risk of being toppled.”

“All spacecraft on a lunar mission do not land as planned. Those can misfire, miscalculate, lose contact with the sponsors but yet …. those are widely talked about. I will be somewhere there, some day…”

“Hmmm… my instincts always told me you are unreliable.”

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