Movements and Hot Air

Movements and hot air ….by Len

Responding to Reena Saxena’s Exploration Challenge #103. A 6 minute video showing forward and backward motion of people and cars. For full context go to following:

“So where do you go? Back to the bottle And back to a tiny room somewhere. And wait. And wait, and wait. That’s all.”
Charles Bukowski

We all need something to inspire us; a holy book, a motivational speaker, a great painting, a work of art, poetry, friends, a muse or a prompt from a WordPress blogger. This weeks prompt from Reena focused on a six minute video around movement. People and cars moving forward and backward ending with hot air balloons ascending to the heavens.

Despite all the movement in the video, my first thoughts were, with everything constantly in motion, do we really understand the direction in which we are heading and what we see on the way. My mind…

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