The sky outside is stormy and dark. Lightning flashes in the sapphire blue of your eyes. My palms and soles are cold. You are furious about something.

The stewardess pours a steaming latte in the Styrofoam cup, and it wobbles a bit.

Is it going to be my last sip of life?

Suddenly, you smile and I feel the warmth returning. Your anger was not about me. I wonder what has been troubling you. Can I do something to help?

I walk out of the café with heavy feet. I don’t want my happiness to be so dependent on you.

5 thoughts on “Independence

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  2. I really like this, Reena, because it is so relevant to my experiences with relationships. Sometimes I learned the hard way but I learned!! There are times when we must keep a clear head about ourselves above others. Thank you for joining in.

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