Let Choice Be Your Voice

Let choice be your voice …….. by Deborah


Written In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Popular

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #102 – PROMPT #102: 

Public figures make us hate their enemies.

Let it not limit you to a specific realm, or the literal meaning of the words. Go with the flow that the words generate in you, and don’t stop. It can be a creative stream of thoughts, a reflection, a value judgement, essay, rant, biased/unbiased opinion or analysis. There are no bars.

Public figures cannot make us hate

unless we choose this to be our fate

They have no power to make us follow their way

unless we choose to buy into their gameplay

Although it is popular to follow the majority

we can choose to follow a Higher Authority

You see, to follow the majority is so easy to do

because it’s easier than having others think we’re a fool

Great strength and courage…

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