They were meeting after three decades – three women struggling to rediscover their identity on the same campus, where they had studied. They reminded each other of their achievements – the path-breaking papers presented, the medals won and the admiration and envy drawn.

Life had been a roller-coaster for them after that, as they stumbled through corporate corridors, and struggled with difficult relationships.

“I would be grateful to get a librarian’s job here. It would be mentally and emotionally enriching.”

“Lisa, we are the books not been dusted for ages.”

“By no means, does it take away from the wisdom locked inside….”

10 thoughts on “Vintage

  1. Hmmm. Does a book have value if no one reads it? Does it contain wisdom, or is it wisdom only if someone opens it and reads it?

    Kind of like”If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really fall?”

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  2. Abhijit Ray

    The books that are not dusted, still contain wisdom. Someone just have to open one and read. But, all librarians are not a treasure chest of knowledge. For some, it may be just another job.

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