Reena’s Exploration Challenge #100

Indira’s take on infinity…

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #100


The limitation this week is 100 words, though there is no restriction on the format. It can be prose, poetry, essay, reflections, reminiscences, anecdotes or anything you deem worth sharing.

What does this image invoke in you?

Taking the first step is very difficult in whatever field you venture.

All the negative thoughts start frightening you.

Then there is the fear of what people will say, Perhaps we are more worried about others opinion than our own capability.

No one actually bothers about you.

People have their own fears to fight with.

The only two-faced demon is your mind.

At first, it keeps you pestering with all the negative thought.

Once you make up your mind to go ahead, it starts helping you.

Hard work, perseverance, passion, and faith

opens the door of infinite opportunities for you.

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