“I’m not sure how are you going to live together.”

“Baby, we are on our honeymoon…”

“I’m not sure if I want to continue with the marriage. So many differences have surfaced already.”

“We just had a fun-filled day capped by a candle-light dinner …”

“But what about the night?”

“Wait for the magic to happen …”

Dev’s eyes reflected the twinkling stars as he looked at the sky. It had stopped raining, and the clouds were drifting away.

“Come back to your senses. I told you to book the cottage, not a tent…”

Dev felt the romance drifting away.

36 thoughts on “Honeymoon

  1. Spontaneity seems to be an issue for poor Dev’s partner. But boy, what a surprise, to be surrounded by canvas or nylon rather than sturdy and soundproof walls on your honeymoon! And there might be bears! I can see why she’s a bit perturbed. 😊

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  2. Ouuu, methinks he’s already in the proverbial doghouse… My hubby forgot to secure transportation home from our wedding. I was NOT amused! Should have been an indicator… Yep, should have heeded that one. Too late now, 24 yrs later he’s still forgetting things.

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  3. We honeymooned in the northern Michigan woods. In a delightful little cabin.

    And an outhouse.

    And no bathtub or shower.

    And snakes who sunbathed on the rocks behind the cabin.

    And that was 50 years ago 🙂

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