The inspiring piece I choose from the Poetics Challenge at is

And we go on and on,
neither sleeping nor awake,
towards the meeting, unaware
that we are already there. 

That the silence is perfect,
and that the flesh is gone.
The call still is not heard
nor does the Caller reveal his face.

 But perhaps this might be
oh, my love, the gift
of the eternal Face without gestures
and of the kingdom without form! 

My take on it

 I hope
we are on the right trail
in search of truth
about final journeys

I hope
It’s the last leg
and we see
what we wished to discover

I don’t know
why the mystery still haunts…
Am I almost there
or already there?

I don’t know
If nothingness
is the ultimate truth
and we’ve found it

The finality of the sky
stops me in my tracks
I discover vacuum
beyond laws of physics

15 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. Speaks to me of being so at one, that one doesn’t distinguish between the now and the moment of transition, and what is that anyway. I read this as invitation to something more to come.


    1. My interpretation of the given poem is that of being on the cusp of Death. The poet talks about a faceless Maker. When we talk about that point, everything is open to conjecture and interpretation. I would like to think of it as something better to come.

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  2. Interesting write Reena. I personally do no think nothingness is the ultimate truth because energy, including all life energy, and the existence of the universe, and everything that is in it, is governed by the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states: “energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.” As far the the human personalities we each possess, it is irrelevant if they maintain their individuality or awareness as our life energy evolves to its next state. Out essence will evolve. Our personalities — I don’t think they are compatible with or necessary for our evolved state of energy. We need to be here now, enjoying who we are, and helping others get the best out of their current situation. It is likely our last individual awareness of our current self. Be in balance with all, and make the most of this opportunity of self-awareness. IMHO


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