Shadows that speak

tell me what to do
I don’t like
try to break my silence
provoke me
into taking a stand
lurk in the background
overpower my presence
suppress my light
not mine – but
the source of voices

27 thoughts on “Shadows that speak

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  2. Insanity? Maybe… or perhaps it is just the way things work. We learned how to speak by the repetition of voices we can no longer remember. We have learned so many norms and behaviors from the structure around and within us that is, nevertheless, not truly ourself… maybe the whole world is insane, and it is only a matter of the most prominent norms gets the stamp of sanity. You have left your mark on me today.

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      1. The GAF – global assessment of function, and levels of internal dysphoria may be measures that can differentiate beyond the parameters of social norms,but GAF is itself steeped in social normative, but there are so many states of being labeled as insane that really are merely different. The voices are always there.

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