There you go…..
once again
carrying my dreams with you
sketches on that notepad
frozen shots entrapped
in power zones
with glue
ideas that flew so smooth
stopped mid-air
unaware of destinations
I await my fate
hanging at your mercy
I come again
-yet another meeting
notepads, screenshots
scribbled thoughts
of the future
to be stolen
a little later
You come with baggage
all dark for me
you do not share
but I see you stare
at my light
locking it away
forsaken jaded dreams
mock enthusiasm
find their own level
-like stored water
in branded packages
…going for a song

12 thoughts on “Meetings

  1. Very well written. I remembered a discussion when two people about taking photos. One person was saying that people are so busy taking photos that they don’t really observe the beauty of the moment. But I don’t agree with that view. 😊

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