My Perspective

Queen Nandini’s perspective ….


“A favorite theme which reflects in my writing is perspective. I’m totally fascinated with the potential of this – how it creates different realities for each of us, and impacts the world. One wonders what is truth – scientific evidence, what we feel with our senses or a writer’s take which transports us to a different world.” ©Reena Saxena 

This is my take on writing two different perspectives on Arranged Marriage: my personal Perspective and my beloved Mother’s Perspective. I hope everyone enjoys reading this post. Please comment and like if you have a chance.

My Perspective on Arranged Marriage

An Arranged Marriage was never my first choice

I agreed after knowing him and dating him

I am devoted to my parents and they loved me even more

I knew that I shouldn’t be worried.

I believed there was a soulmate in the world, born for me

Anointed by…

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