Gone like the wind

“If trees talk, I’m sure they also listen.”

“Sure, they do! But will they understand your music? You may be disturbing the peace of the forest.”

“I don’t think so, going by the swaying of the leaves to my music.”

He was playing the instrument again, and I listened spellbound. The gentle rustling of leaves  added its notes. Gradually, the sound got fierce. Whistling sounds turned to whoosh and whack. The rustling of the leaves stopped, as branches fell.

It looked like the onset of a storm. I turned back to ask the musician.

He was gone like the wind.

3 thoughts on “Gone like the wind

  1. The coming of a storm! Excellent ❤ We were out hiking in the urban forest and happened upon the sound, before we saw him, of this saxophonist. I had many of the same feelings your protagonist had in your story: odd that there was someone playing music in the quiet woods but lovely all the same!! I'm sorry for the overexposure of the image! I used a filter on it {it's just an image I took with my camera}, but it's more over-exposed than I thought it would be now that I'm on my computer! I'm happy to issue you an unfiltered image if you'd like {and I'll post on my blog} ❤
    Thank you for always joining us for 100 Word Wednesdays ❤

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