Repository of secrets

“Are the trees guarding territory, or making an effort to break in?”

“I presume none. They cannot read the bad spelling, nor comprehend red alerts.”

“Nor can I.”

“Cheers, my boy! You’ve developed the right mind-set for this job. Now, let’s explore what lies inside.”

I’d passed the inane test, but he did not know the fate that awaited him. The trees were wired, and responded to my remote signals.

Stories of killer trees are splashed in the news next morning. The house is safe, and so are my secrets. I will cross the border, before any evidence is unearthed.

24 thoughts on “Repository of secrets

  1. The thief has been outfoxed, methinks!

    Reminds me of Karate Kid, with the pseudo-philosophical musings, but then you swap the power dynamic of the mentor and student, and leave us wondering what could possibly lie behind those walls.

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    1. A scandal comes to light, and is followed by a series of murders of people in the loop. This happens in real life. Dark connected to survival or greed often drive crime.


  2. I’ll ditto Neil’s comments. I like the sound of those trees. Well, not really. Sounds like an incarnation of a scary fairytale and the sort of thughts you’d have walking through a forest at night. Well done.
    Best wishes,

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