Reena’s Exploration Challenge #98 – Perspective

Read on for Michael’s brilliant take on Perspectives….



Around him, people sang, danced and engaged in conversation. To him it was a cacophony of noise, he felt disorientated, confusion mounting he knew it was not a good place to be.

His sister had married, children had come, he related to the children, he wanted to be like her…normal.

In his mind were vast empty caverns where thoughts bounced back and forth, unable to make sense of it all he would lash out, become violent and then once he had attracted the attention he thought he needed he would try and re-think what had happened and try and move on.

He didn’t like being like he was, his view of his world was a narrow perspective, and as he grew older, it became worse. The small innocent boy he once was grew into a man, with man-like strength and a tongue that had no trouble acquiring the language he…

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