Just like every Leo, she always had to be the center of attention.

Just like every Aries man, I was curious, and had to know about the sheathed claws.


A stormy interaction followed by a lifelong bond

“Looks like you have been reading a lot of Linda Goodman…”

“She was more of a good writer than astrologer… could make everyone feel good about themselves.”

“Then, what is the intent of this post?”

“My wife asked me to write this. She has to show off her new tattoos.”

“It makes you feel good?”

“I don’t have a choice about it.”



2 thoughts on “Leonine

  1. One of my friends on my blog is a Leo and she is a fantastic lady! Generous, kind, loving, caring, and also very popular, more popular than she’d like to be. I guess not all Leo’s are the same! Cheers!

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