“The economy is on a downswing.”

“Raise the volumes on terrorism.”

“We are meeting the Finance Minister today, not the Home Minister.”

“I know that. Divert public attention before we think about corrective measures.”

“Unemployment threatens to reach astronomical proportions.”

“Engage the unemployed youth in discussions about national identity. All symbols are to be held sacred – national birds, animals and flags. Those who do not fall in line are to be castigated as traitors.”

And this is how we reached wherever we are today. Don’t blame the leaders. You chose to follow them wherever you were led, without asking questions.


7 thoughts on “Followers

  1. Your thoughtful poem inspired mine, for which I am most grateful. Thank you.


    Dogs are so useful
    When we own sheep

    We have dogs and sheep
    They both have their uses

    Dogs have a dual purpose
    Sheep, bless them only one

    The dogs guard the sheep
    As they graze and fatten

    The dogs then herd them
    To be safely delivered

    To the slaughterhouse
    To be prepared for the table

    Police and thieves
    Police and thieves

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      1. Yes. Though I was a little over hasty and on reflection I’m making a few changes. If I l’m happy with the final version I shall post it at the “Ben Naga” site at some point.

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