Up in the air

“We take pride in the past, but are excited about the future. Here lies your key to leadership – build anticipation, ignite hopes – it is all in the air, unverifiable.”

My mentor rambled on, failing to generate any excitement in me, “Doesn’t this fire you, my boy- the idea of  ruling over minds and hearts?”

“What happens when we don’t live up to expectations?”

“Pad your promises with a little more lies, and remember that public memory is short. Balloons should always remain up in the air – never brought down to reveal the hollowness.”




21 thoughts on “Up in the air

  1. I enjoy your insightful SSS. You have summed up the political arena quite well in your Six. It is unfortunate that there is so much truth in it.

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    1. The first step is always to tell people to use faith and not reason. It facilitates garnering followers, and then the rest becomes easy. High returns are always promised. Islamic suicide bombers were told they will meet 72 beautiful girls in Heaven.

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