Couldn’t Catch The Clap

First in this week …..Couldn’t catch the clap…. by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

Richard Surelock was a private detective who was very clumsy and he appeared to be a cross between Inspector Clouseau and Mr. Bean.  He tried hard, but because of his bumbling and incompetent antics, he had never solved a case.  He obtained the undesirable reputation of not being able to catch the clap in a whorehouse, but who wants to get that anyways.  Richard or Dick as he liked being called just got a new case from the family of a deceased figure skater Shirley Styles who was apparently headed to the Olympics, before she met her demise.  The death certificate said it was an accident, but the girl’s family wanted Dick to prove it was a homicide, as they suspected foul play.  Dick needed the work, so he took the case with echoing desires of finally doing something productive, which would put a whole new perspective on his career.

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