Ineffectively intelligent

I chuckle at the coincidence. One of the trolls looks like a popular leader. I see reflections of his allies and opponents in the other figures, and start building stories around it. This promises to be a trip with high creative potential.

On the way back, I see a rather threatening figure looming large in front of me. It seems Big Brother has been watching my thoughts. The political tribe has never shown an affinity to intellectuals – armchair philosophers who preach morality, but know nothing about winning an election. The real battle is on the ground, not in the ivory towers where intellectuals live.

If I speak, there is an army of blind followers who will troll me on social media. Their only job is to silence all opposition by brute force. The few who choose to support me will use honey-coated, diplomatic language which will not match the stark truth I portray.

All in all … I stand to gain nothing. So, I step back into my car and drive back to the tower I live in.

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