dORiaN gRaY

The woman he wanted to be his third wife, on an astrologer’s advice spurned him, and the billionaire avenged the rejection by killing her one and only love.

The court declared him guilty, but he managed to duck the court orders for a few years by appealing against the judgements.

Finally … he was asked to surrender and he arrived in an ambulance with oxygen mask on.

He died shortly after, and the world saw the ugliest face possible, behind the oxygen mask. It did not match the garlanded portraits his family had put on display.

Meanwhile, in hell, a voice boomeranged –“There is no escape from Karma, and the sentence has to be served.”

16 thoughts on “dORiaN gRaY

  1. Excellent story with the perfect connection, Reena. Karma does indeed find us all, there is no escape from the consequences of our actions. While we may effect a temporary avoidance, if not in this lifetime then perhaps in the next we will find good and evil rebounding just as we dealt it out.

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