I wonder if anybody would notice my absence if I disappeared. They are busy searching for a meaning of life on their screens, or trying to forget what they don’t like about their lives – and that could include me.

Do I really care? I evade the question. I need a roof on my head, and a base to operate from, while I plan and execute my other endeavors. Real estate prices and the cost of living are both prohibitive. Having a family facilitates social interactions and acceptability. It’s not a bad arrangement, if we don’t pry too much into each other’s lives.

I remember a very stern school principal of mine. On retirement, she and her husband headed to their respective home towns, not comfortable with the other’s choice. The husband had chosen a village, and wanted to be a farmer. The wife could not sacrifice urban comforts. Some people wondered aloud if they ever had a relationship. In retrospect, I think – was that really bad? They wished to spend the last years of their life in the kind of setting they liked.  Maybe they had more to talk about when they met or called – more than the office politics they fought for decades. Maybe they lent new, value-adding perspectives to each other’s life. Maybe, absence made their hearts grow fonder.

true meaning of life
lies within or out? – alone
I came and will go
companionship counts – only
when it does not restrict me

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