Reena’s Exploration Challenge #95 — acatalepsy

Acatalepsy … by Jade Li

Tao Talk


I went out and did a little reading and found info at wikipedia (my favorite learning destination). It talks about the philosophy of the Stoics, who believed that truth could be absolutely apprehended, which is katalepsis. There was an “opposing” group called The Academics, who believed this was not true, and called it acatalepsis. From wiki:
The Academics responded to the Stoic theory of katalepsis with the following syllogism:
1.There are true and false impressions (phantasiai).
2.False impressions are non-kataleptic
3.True impressions are always such that false impressions could appear identical to them.
4.Among impressions with no perceptible difference between them, it is impossible for some to be kataleptic and others not.
5.Therefore, there are no kataleptic impressions.

Acatalepsy in philosophy is incomprehensibleness.

One way I think the theories of katalepsis and acatalepsis fall short as a philosophy is their assumption of one definition of knowing a…

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