The survivors of the ship that sank in the Atlantic couldn’t believe their luck. They were seeing land after sailing on a lifeboat for five days, and there was a castle on top of it – like a cherry on the cake.

As they drew closer with a lot of hope, and dreams of a comfortable night – a song burst out from the castle, a very old one from decades ago.

Benjamin recalled that the singer had disappeared years ago, in a similar shipwreck. He was happy that his senses and memory were intact after the harrowing experience, to recall it correctly.

He was not sure if they will receive a warm welcome to life as it used to be, or enter a different plane of existence….


18 thoughts on “Survival

    1. Castles often have a mysterious quality and folklore associated with it, till they become popular tourist spots. All myths go for a toss with frequent footfalls and commercialization.


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