Verbal blessings

Who teaches a new-born baby to smile and cry? Human memory is partial to faces, and this is the first set of information that she learns to decipher. Can she make sense of the sounds emanating from people around, or is it all gibberish to her?

Dogs can learn about 200 words of whichever language is spoken around them, without any training. I assume human babies exceed the capability. This is only about comprehending inbound messages.

The story of expression starts after that. I often wonder if I can think without language. Will I see expressions, images and choose a few from those? Will I need a canvas and brush, or a camera to put it across?

words are a blessing

bestowed to give meaning – and

structure to life

7 thoughts on “Verbal blessings

  1. Lovely. Words do give structure. Your post made me think about a young woman I once taught who was an elective mute (she could speak, but chose not to). She expressed herself clearly though, in other ways.

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