Eulogy of a rebel

Quite often, I find myself gripped with a death wish. I feel like my existence is not very relevant to the world. Nor do they have anything to keep me happy and contented. I don’t really care about eulogies or elegies written for me.

What does matter is that my point of view – spoken, written or expressed by non-verbal means is understood. I don’t ask for acceptance or followers – just being acknowledged and understood. I’ve missed this one factor sorely in my life – more so, because I refused to blindly follow or obey others. They retaliated by ignoring me.

I read about the soul hanging around after death till the body is visible, and being able to hear thoughts of others. I wonder if I will want to hear all that, or just choose to make a quick exit.

4 thoughts on “Eulogy of a rebel

    1. It does not. One may realize that whatever was left behind has not been appreciated or preserved in the manner one had foreseen it. Then, the question is – should one want to know what’s happening.


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