In process

A soul cries to be reborn, full of promise, full of regret and fired with intent to get it right this time around.

A genetic framework is created to house the intent.

It sees the light of the world once again, and squeals in delight – the world labels it as crying (there are no tears, but still…)

The game of interpretation, imposition, interference begins – diluting the original will.

A masterpiece is in process.

But will it have a perfect life, or once again ……?

16 thoughts on “In process

    1. Thank you so much, Pat! Somebody once told me the most evolved souls become dogs, as they give unconditional love and spread happiness. I believe they are masterpieces of the Creator.


  1. The spiritual realities on which this post is based made me smile in understanding. For me it is not so much a question of perfection being obtained, but rather the required lessons being learned. I loved your interpretation of the birth process too! Very good story!!

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    1. Thank you so much! This is based on what Hindu scriptures describe. I often wonder why do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable with certain people, with no perceptible logic. The only answer I get is that some equations are carried over.

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