Reena’s Exploration Challenge #93 – Art

Michael’s views on art and artistic interpretation ….



They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is true too with art. What one-person thinks is brilliant the next may think is promising to the point of being hopeful the said artist may make it someday.

Over the years, I have been subjected to numerous debates over art as art. What is it, and what makes art art?

The great thing about the creative arts is that the artist, the writer, the musician and the choreographer can all be creative in their chosen fields and yet be the subject of criticism.

For me, it’s often been about the skill of the artist. Does their work appeal to me in any way? Do I find myself caught up in the creativity before me? It’s always a subjective opinion, and to me, that’s what matters.

The diversity of opinion is what makes art such a compelling aspect…

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