Reena’s Exploration Challenge #93

Welcome back to this exploratory space!


I normally link a word to a picture for the prompts, but not this week. The picture is so intriguing that I dare not superimpose my thoughts and influence another’s imagination. Let the prompt take you wherever it goes.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #93

Please remember to credit the artist for this unusual piece of art. Art is by Tolga Girgin.


As usual, there is no restriction on the format or length of the piece. You can get as creative and innovative as you want.

Write a post on your blog, and link it up here with a pingback, or copy-paste the blog link in Comments. Tag it Reena’s Exploration Challenge for easy access in the Blog Roll.

I eagerly await your responses.


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25 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #93

    1. I crumple
      a sheet of paper
      every evening
      to obliterate memory
      forgotten faces
      peeping shadows

      I want to touch those
      to bring them to life
      in finely painted lines
      brushstrokes demonstrate
      futility of it all

      the sun will set
      on repressed desires
      thoughts will shift
      like shapes of the moon
      showing different faces
      -once again


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