Her Slice of Life

Her slice of life ….. at thoughtsaboutthings dot net

Thoughts of Tee

Woman before an Aquarium Henri Matisse 1921-1923

Winsome, willowy, and free

In the early stages of life-

Young and without care!

Later, the chance to

lift her face to the sun becomes

limited by life,

love, husband, and children,

but still a possibility.

Children grow and abandon

the family home,

(at least that is the way she feels).

Now, there is time to be free again

unfettered by family tasks or work,

but she does not feel the freedom

as she did in her youth.

She ponders, where is her slice of life?

The one she can claim as her own.

TTL 6/13/19

In response to https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2019/06/13/reenas-exploration-challenge-91/

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