Balance ….. by Leonard White at lensdiary

Reena Saxena Challenge #90. The word prompt is compromise.

He shuffled forward. He could sense the swarm of humanity behind him but kept his eyes fixed to the front. He was patient, recognizing that he had all the time in the world. No, that wasn’t quite right. Single file, another step forward. He was approaching the gates.

The gates hovered over him, disappearing into the misty heights. There were two elevators just inside the gates. The elevator on the right had an UP arrow and the elevator on the left had a DOWN arrow. Before the gates sitting at a desk was a young woman peering at the page of a book.

” If you could just sign here confirming your name and date of birth”. She pointed to a column in the book and extended a pen.

The book was duly signed.

“If you could just step on…

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