BrewNSpew Cafe – June 10, 2019

A twist in the prompt (or plot) …. by Eugenia at BrewNSpew Cafe

Eugi's Causerie


 revamping motions

summoning new ideas

days pass wait and see

Greetings, my fellow bloggers, and welcome to BrewNSpew Cafe, where friends meet. Come join the gang, have a cuppa or two and enjoy the blather. By the way, let it be known, an arched eyebrow is a silent opinion.

Every now and then, the owner of BrewNSpew cafe, that’s me, feels the cafe needs a redo. Besides, change is good because it rearranges the cobwebs in the mind and keeps it in working order.

Nothing remains constant except change itself. – unknown

You may have noticed there are several bloggers posting prompts, some are word prompts; some are image prompts and others offer a variety of interesting prompts and challenges.

BrewNSpew Cafe is one of those offering word prompts, which I love this event because of the excellent writers I have met. I truly enjoy reading how others interpret the…

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