Reena’s Exploration Challenge #90 — Compromise

Compromise ….. by MS Jadeli

Tao Talk

This world as we know it is one big compromise. If it wasn’t, life couldn’t exist on planet Earth. As I sat here trying to think of the topic, I looked outside at the pear tree in the back yard. The pear tree is alive because of compromise. From the perspective of the tree, it wants to be the biggest, most fruitful tree it can be. If there was not compromise and the tree had its own way, it would grow so big and be so fruitful, there wouldn’t be room for anything else but it, and the planet would consist of one massive pear tree.

As we are all here, and the pear tree is an average-sized tree that produces varying numbers of pears each year, it means that the pear tree has compromised. It has agreed to have a space to grow to a reasonable size and to…

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