Being Mom


She woke up from her reverie with the sound of a ball creating a splash in the bucket. Her toddler was at the game again, and the two older ones about to return from school.

She rued about the disappearance of eight years of her life, as she lay the table with snacks for them to munch on, on their return from school. The milkshake was already in the fridge. Her husband, George was travelling for work, and would be back only after a week.


Shrill voices pierced the corridor and her eardrums. Schoolbags were dumped on the sofa, as the cushions came tumbling down, and shoes and socks were flung on the carpet. The toddler was not too happy to see the competition return, and howled at the top of his voice, for no reason.

“Mom, we haven’t done anything to him.” The oldest one was on the defensive.

“It’s alright. Leave him alone.”

“Mom, why can’t we have some peace and quiet at home? I’ve to do my homework, and exams start Monday.” The second one spoke in a contemplative tone. She was the studious and sincere one.

Oh, why? And who is asking that question?

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