Parenting a stranger

“Just how could you do that, Anita? She is your flesh and blood.”

“Yes, and it placed enormous responsibility on my shoulders. I couldn’t recognize this deplorable monster though she came from me.”

“Yet, turning her in to the police?”

“We are biologically linked, but two different individuals with different value systems. One has to vibe at the values level, before any relationship can be taken ahead. Unfortunately, we didn’t.”

“Have you ever wondered where she got those values from?”

“I spent all my parenting life doing that. It was not from my womb, which nursed her infancy. It is from the world outside, and the mix of genes she has. Those are not all mine, nor do I own all the genes I have, because they come from so many different places. The soul is mine.”

“This is the arithmetic we never understand, and keep bungling as parents.”


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