The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen ….. by Leonard White at lensdiary

Taking up Reena’s Exploration Challenge#88
by Reena Saxena. This week’s prompt moves around two points
A sudden event that feels magical in its impact
Significance of numbers or any superstition if you find it interesting. This is my fictional response. Thanks for the mind prompt Reena.

The four horsemen rode through the land and in their wake left intolerance, anger, greed and debasement of the human soul. The horsemen never raced or galloped across the land but came at a slow, measured pace. People scurrying around, wrapped in their daily toil failed to observe the horsemen’s approach.

The first horseman rode a white horse. He infected people with intolerance. They divided into tribes of close minded zealots, reinforcing their ignorance of views held by other tribes.

The second horseman rode a red horse. He stirred people to anger and to express their views in violent ways. Peace diminished…

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