the mountain peaks are where they were
greenery on the slopes has changed
they don’t speak to me the same way
have I changed, or the peaks re-arranged?
with dreamy eyes and a buzzing mind
I saw these from the crowded train
now, I look for a sense of peace
as I drive across familiar terrain
a child draws close to the window
implores - I buy the pens he sells
I know cheap pens will not work
but begging has changed, I can tell
we share the lingo, but faces change
millenials everywhere look the same
homecoming from a different mindset
I conquered, drifted away and then, I came

8 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Things somehow never quite seem the same when you’ve been away. I have not been back to the city of my youth for over 30 years. Old friends send me photos, especially my friend Barry. I know that I would absolutely not recognize my old Cincinnati.

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  2. This setting of homecoming certainly captures its multiple-hued emotions — the nostalgia, the difference, the need for familiarity, et al. express how it is actually like. Looking for a sense of peace is something that resonated with me. 🙂

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