Reena’s Exploration Challenge #88 – The Visitor from Number 22.

The visitor from Number 22 ….by Michael



This week’s prompt moves around two points

  1. A sudden event that feels magical in its impact
  2. Significance of numbers or any superstition if you find it interesting

I wasn’t sure if it was the flash of light, the rumbling in the sky or the shaking of the house that frightened me the most.

My mind was conflicted by fleeing or hiding. I opted for the latter and slid under the bed, hoping I’d made the right decision.

Once there, I found everything was silent. It was like the lull before the storm, that moment when you realise you are in the eye of the storm and any second now the wind will roar back from the opposite direction.

After a moment, came the whirr. Softly at first and growing in intensity as it seemed to be coming down on top of me. It was deafening with a rotating light…

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