Nirvana land

capture life in shots – clicking away
I see time quickly ticking away
loveless life – in search of a meaning
transient emotions slipping away
I help someone, and look in their eyes
embarrassed gratitude inching away
but reciprocal acts do not come by
I need them more than they need me, I say
I claim my spot in Nirvana land
emptiness inside gnawing away

23 thoughts on “Nirvana land

    1. The theme of traditional ghazals used to be pain, love, separation, admiring beauty from afar, intoxication and revelling in a sea of emotions. It emanated from the separate lives that men and women led with a ‘purdah’ system. It will be more of imitation or imaginattion, if written about in present times.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  1. As I read this, I felt the source for it was quite deep. My cursory understanding of “nirvana” was a kind of bliss, a kind of paradise. So thinking about it here for about half an hour, I decided to investigate the Buddhist frame of reference and was surprised it meant “quenching” and to be exact quenching normal human “fires”..and desires.
    This then is a really deep investigation of loss, and the feeling of loss, that in itself can lead the way to a higher understanding of that loss you so quietly and yet exquisitely explore in this poem. I like that it takes time and effort to explicate. A poem like that does indeed lead one’s psyche to a higher realm, a place of essential contemplation. Very well executed in meaning and in form.

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    1. Let me thank you first for the time and effort spent in understanding this.

      Nirvana is moving beyond attachments – at times it is forced by disappointment with life, not a conscious quest to enter higher realms. Those who believe in reincarnation also believe in ‘Moksh’ – the final stage where the soul moved beyond rebirth. There are no more lessons left to be learnt. In other words, one can say that a soul achieves god-like status.


  2. People never seem to get the give and take thing write Reena. They take too much and we feel mad, they give too much and we feel bad, feel guilty. I have said it many times, but balance is so important – but so difficult to achieve and even more difficult to sustain. Liked your poem here “Re-Sax”! 🙂

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