I believe in you

The pony extricated itself from paper, and galloped away…

I think that a child’s imagination is in overdrive, till I see a live pony in my backyard, looking intently at my daughter, awaiting instructions.

“Carla, where did this come from?”

She shows me a book called ‘Velveteen Rabbit’, where a boy’s love brings his toy rabbit alive. A quote by Margery Williams stands out.

“Real isn’t how you are made …. It’s a thing that happens to you.”

I take Carla’s hand and say,

“I believe in you, my darling! It is the only real gift I can give you.”

41 thoughts on “I believe in you

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  2. I always loved The Velveteen Rabbit. Its a kind of resurrection story after a child’s own brush with Death. Such an event is something most of us cannot imagine and yet it was commonplace at one time to lose a child. Im sure in many places it still is all too common.

    Very lovely exchange between mother and child. My story also plays with the imaginary friend concept and the parent’s supporting that belief. The reality of the pony is beside the point. It is love that matters.

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