“I wonder how the CEO failed…”

“He failed to build bonds down the line, and appoint keepers to nurture growth.”

“The organization chart shows a large number of regional and zonal heads, to manage the ground.”

“They were busy protecting their position, and counting the number of steps to the top. They lived in fear of crabs down below, and the monster at the top.”

“What could have been done better?”

“Instilling faith in the process of growth, making the keepers receptive to pollen to facilitate germination…”

You got so many answers out of me, because you started with ‘I wonder how…’. If you’d asked a sharp, reprimanding question reminding me of the world-class systems put in place for growth, I would’ve struggled hard to justify my failure, keep my feet glued to the ground, germination and growth be damned ….

You see the woman in the picture … she dreams small of seeing flowers on the stairway. She does not depend on the clouds to do their job. She will reach the top in the process, and touch the clouds. I just hope her vision does not change, and her faith rains down with added inputs from the clouds.”

13 thoughts on “Germination

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