Reena’s Exploration Challenge #86 – The Bleeding Edge

The Nleeding Edge ….
By Michael



This week’s prompt consists of two words –


The dictionary meaning is

the very forefront of technological development.

Go where your imagination takes you.

Gordon Edge was bleeding.

In itself that was not unusual as Gordon Edge often bled.

Gordon was a whiz at technology and was accredited with the invention of the Edgeathon, a computer-based machine that could with amazing accuracy predict the winning numbers for the Saturday Lotto.

The bleeding was all in his mind, he was sure, as though it was noticeable Gordon felt the bleeding was all an illusion despite the fact his mother would often remark that a large number of blood-soaked handkerchiefs he put in the wash each week was a tad disturbing.

Gordon’s Edgeathon was at the forefront of technology and was in great demand. As he had the only one in existence and had resisted all overtures to give…

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