Reena’s Exploration Challenge #84 – The Drama Workshop.

The Drama Workshop by Michael



It was a new day, and the drama workshop was about to begin. The participants were new to each other, and the leader knew he needed to settle their nerves, he knew many were experienced drama practitioners, and some were new to the game.

They were all apprehensive, he could tell by the way they all hugged the wall, standing arms folded, showing all the traits of the uncertain.

He called for them to pair up and introduce themselves. There was movement as pairs took form, one woman walked across the room and asked a man opposite her if she could partner him as he looked the less intimidating of the group. He blushed and held out his hand in welcome.

Then the game was on.

They worked initially in pairs, and then he extended the participation to groups of three then four.

It was important to him for the…

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